Our Mission.


I grew up in a household in which cancer lived within the walls. My father was diagnosed with throat cancer when I was only nine years old. He battled for over 30 years. On two separate occasions, the cancer went into remission only to reappear a decade later. As a cancer survivor myself, I consider my Dad lucky to have lived until 78. About six years before my fathers diagnosis, my maternal Grandmother passed away from breast cancer in our home. So, as you can see, the idea of cancer has always been a part of my life.

Four years ago, I started a personal training and wellness studio with my partner, Jorden Landry. Beyond the goal of helping clients achieve physical and mental well-being through exercise, I wanted to reach for something more. That “more” became clear when I was diagnosed with lymphoma in February of 2019. I became certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist with a mission to bring confidence to both cancer patients and survivors through physical fitness. Having experienced the mental and physical ups and downs of treatment, I knew first hand that in order to gain back confidence and self esteem, one needs to create small goals…one after another…building upon them until one day you look in the mirror and realize you have won. Here at NVision Athletics our mission is to stand side by side with you until that day.

Thomas Saville